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Nov 10, 2012 6:00pm EST
petraeus biographer paula broadwell and found explicit e-mails from broadwell to petraeus. as brian mooar explains, investigators do not believe the former fbi director broke the law. >> reporter: david petraeus has washington asking how and why? the woman suddenly in the spotlight, author paula broadwell isn't saying. back in january she was promoting her book of the general. >> absolutely loves the agency, and the i think it's a great place for him. >> reporter: while the west point graduate and army reserve officer had close access to the cia director. federal agents investigating whether she had access to e-mails or his computer. >> the fbi's investigation took place on computers there did not necessarily -- was not necessarily focused on him. information by accident. >> reporter: law enforcement and multiple sources tell nbc news that e-mails between general petraeus and paula broadwell were indicative of an extramarital affair. nbc news tried but unable to reach paula broadwell for comment. in his resignation letter, the retired four star general, showed extremely poor judgmen
Nov 11, 2012 6:00pm EST
an fbi investigation of harassing e-mails from petraeus' biographer paula broadwell. those e-mails were sent to 37-year-old joe kelly, a state department liaison and friend of general petraeus. sources say the fbi stumbled onto the affair between petraeus and broadwell during that investigation and according to a former petraeus staffer who spoke to the general today, the affair began after he became cia director and ended about four months ago. brian moore is covering this developing story tonight from capitol hill. >> reporter: as president obama saluted vets transin arlington investigation cemetery. >> to thank you, to honor you. >> reporter: washington was consumed with the thought of one of the nation's most celebrated military heroes, cia director and former general david petraeus stepped down over an extramarital affair. >> it was like a lightning bolt. >> reporter: nbc news reports personal e-mails between petraeus and biographer paula broadwell came to light after an anonymous maims were sent to another woman who worked for the state department. >> mrs. broadwell sent thes
Nov 14, 2012 6:00pm EST
-mail actually went to general allen from what now authorities say was paula broadwell saying wat out for jill kelley. according to the sources, general allen sends it to jill kelley and said i guess this is from you, its 'joke, and she says no. the sources say what concerned the fbi was not merely that somebody was getting unwelcome e-mails, but that the e-mails referred to the travel schedules of several of the generals in tampa, including general petraeus. and she was saying, is somebody cyber hacking, spying on me, knowing this information they shouldn't know. >> in line with that, so far investigators say they have not found anything that threatens national security. any change in that? >> no, that's exactly what the president said today. he was given several chances today to be critical of the fbi for not telling him about the investigation. the most he would say, as steve just reported is, that he was withholding judgment. then he also said he has confidence in the fbi and said, you know, if i was informed, then you would be asking me questions about why i was meddling in an fb
Nov 13, 2012 6:00pm EST
was no affair. kelley's complaints that she was getting harassing e-mails led the fbi to paula broadwell and the affair between broadwell and general david petraeus. unlike petraeus who has admitted infidelity and resign as director of the cia, allen got a vote of confidence today from president obama. >> he has faith in general allen. he believes he is doing and has done an excellent job. >> reporter: the petraeus scandal has washington stunned. some are angry that the afghan war costing so many u.s. lives and dollars was hardly mentioned until this. >> now we've become obsessed with the sex life of the cia director and then the commander. it seem out of balance. >> reporter: some question the fbi's involvement. >> harassment letters between two women or any two people, involving a love triangle or whatever it was, should not rise to this level. >> reporter: others wonder why the federal probe was kept from congress and the white house. >> the fbi which knew about all of this months ago apparently told nobody about it. >> reporter: parts of the allen/kelley/broadwell case, one
Nov 12, 2012 6:00pm EST
' biographer paula broadwell. and in the process discovered she and petraeus had had an affair. a former spokesman for petraeus said this of the relationship. >> the affair started approximately two months after he was in the cia and ended about four months ago. >> reporter: according to officials, the fbi didn't report the incident to petraeus' boss or congress or the president. until concluding its investigation last week. the president accepted petraeus' resignation friday. >> it's very puzzling. and i think was a mistake, because this thing just came so fast and so hard, and since then it's been like peeling an onion. >> reporter: roger is defending the fbi. >> but once the fbi concluded there was no national security breach by the cia director, there was really nothing there. >> reporter: he said he's more concerned about what happens next. as congress investigates the attack in benghazi, libya, as with now without testimony from petraeus. acting cia director mike morerel will testify in petraeus' place this week. the congress said at some point this will likely call on the former f
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5